Going to Semarang…

Ke Semarang kali ini dalam rangka nikahan sepupu + mudik Gong XI Fa Cai-an, jadi notebook mesti ditinggal.

Jadi nggak update dulu blognya ya, kalau comment masih bisa balas lewat handphone.

Selamat berlibur, Gong Xi Fa Cai bagi yang merayakan!


Although Dragons are the masters in 2012, this period can create problems for them too. Dragons take on more than they can handle. Hence, they may not be able to cope with high ambitions. By being smart and aware, Dragons can emerge as winners and be in the spotlight, especially in creative and mass cultural activities.

Though Rats will remain happy and relaxed in 2012, they need to be optimistic and bold in their actions to achieve success. Rats have a rare ability to emerge dry from water and are therefore better at adapting to rapidly changing situations.

The Ox may have business pressures, but prospects will open up in 2012. Dedication and perseverance to follow their line of work will be enough to achieve great heights. The Ox, by sheer determination, can overcome all problems.

Tigers in 2012 will get a chance to showcase their remarkable abilities. Tigers had a difficult time in 2011 and were forced to adjust to a sedate year. However, the results of their labour will be seen at the start of this year.

Rabbits will be in the spotlight in 2012 and can achieve much success. They will be in combative and optimistic mood and will learn to cope with difficulties.

Snakes can avoid obstacles in 2012, depending on their subtle intuition and natural wisdom. They can turn all possibilities into success stories. The Snake will be the winner among all members of the zodiac circle.

Horses will be compatible with the Dragon’s flamboyant energy in 2012. They will withstand any test to emerge as winners. They should select the most productive line of work for themselves.

2012 will be a quiet year for the Sheep, though not without difficulties. They can be successful if they seize opportunities and communicate more. They may be in the spotlight as they are eccentric, artistic and creative. Sheep should cleverly use funds.

For Monkeys, the year 2012 will be very productive. They will gladly go with the flow of work. Monkeys will use problems as a chance to show their talents and diplomatic skills. They will be brave in times of difficulties.

There will be a boost in strength in 2012 for Roosters, which will help overcome difficulties. In addition to being ambitious, the ability to communicate may help Roosters reach great heights.

Dogs in 2012 will feel more relaxed but determined to achieve professional success. Dogs will get material benefits. The favourable position of the planets throughout 2012 will help the Dog in all matters.

The Boar will enjoy all benefits of the Dragon year — victories, good work and material prosperity. The Boar must strive not to fall into depression.

All the best for the Year of the Water Dragon!

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  1. semoga selamat sampai tujuan dan awass kolesteerolll

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